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Lorca’s Elf

The Angel, the Muse and the Elf; imagination, intelligence and chaos is how Federico García Lorca in his famous Elf’s Game and Theory describes those terms. The theory is about Spanish art and culture and now is instilled deeply in me to the point where I experience a cathartic moment every time I read Lorca. I want to share a quote about my favorite one, the Elf in García & García (2012) book:

The Elf works over the ballerina’s body like the wind over the sand. With magic turns a beautiful girl into a paralyzed of the moon, or makes an old broken man that begs for money by the wine stores blush like a teenager. Finds hair with a nocturnal port smell and every moment works on the arms, with expressions that are mothers of the dances of all of the times (p. 37.)

It seems that the Angel and the Muse without the Elf are flavorless. The Elf is the perfect spice, the vibrant red color in blood; the synchronized orgasm in two naked bodies; the shiniest meteor light beam; the birth of a child. Sometimes we need that something that makes the rest of the pieces fall in their place. No limits, pure energy. I could see this almost everywhere, but especially in art; for example, when a musician loses himself when playing an instrument; he is the only one that exits, along with the only entity that makes him alive, music. “This artist has Elf!”



García, L. F. & Garcia, P. M. (2012). Poesía completa, Federico García Lorca. NY: Vintage español.


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