My writing attempts

Time Traveler- Part I

I travel in time. I see the movie over and over, those tears I could not catch. Everything becomes intangible like a dream. Yet I feel all since the beginning of it. I see those deep dark eyes showing me an unknown path. I see the way you walk, how your muscles tense while moving until I lose your silhouette on the horizon. On the next sunrise, I look for that thick hair of yours, lips like stones and that soothing voice pronouncing your name when my body gets closer to yours and dears to articulate a demand, your name. Our essence became a birthmark that we would never get rid of.

My writing attempts

A Never Given Note

I know that gaze, lost in the beginning, then it dears to look at my eyes and penetrates and then it dissolves again. Intensity, passion, mystery. Things around are a partial text of what it is a whole and I would like to discover; like separating petals in a flower. What’s underneath that gorgeous mask? I wonder how you would love, if you have… If you have been loved. I would like to know your failures, your success and fears, what makes you feel alive, sad, angry; what your purpose in life is. I do not know if I would talk to you, if you would talk to me. I just know that I only have this moment that I can always remember.