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“The Truest Version of You You Could Ever Be”

How can we be like that? Being simply oneself? It can take a lifetime and some don’t even get to that point in their lives. One of  Hemingway’s quotes that makes me really think about being true is about writing; it restructured my ideas about being true with ourselves regarding knowledge, art and wisdom, specially when we share those things:
“Write about what you know  and write truly…Books should be about people you know, what you love and hate, not about the people you study up about.” (p. 110.)

Not so long ago I started being more real, first with me and then with others and now I’m starting being the same way with the things I write. I admit have been a little fake to fit in in the past. It’s time to unmask things. Being the truest as you could ever be and then never stop doing it. Writing what I really know.

And what’s knowing? To me really knowing happens when knowledge becomes part of you. Writing has to be about what you’re familiar with, otherwise words would lack meaning and one would not provoke a natural reaction. This can be one way of seeing things, I find it quite interesting to be honest.

What do you think about writing? In my opinion, it’s not only about rules nor entirely about creativity. I prefer a combination, but none of them need to affect in a negative way to each other. It has to flow. I don’t like the fact that I have to be a perfectionist; on the other hand, I think it’s good to have order and in that way, others can understand you.